Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Owen Hargreaves - Fitness Videos

Lots of rumours about Owen Hargreaves coming back to Canada to play in Major League Soccer can be found. We even posted some stories last week. And with Toronto FC signing two more designated players, and having three, it all but rules out TFC being a potential landing spot. So perhaps Vancouver could be the final destination. A lot of people have questioned whether or not he will be able to play in MLS and whether he is even fit enough. Well, he's answered those questions with the brand new Owen Hargreaves fitness videos. If he's not trying to get in shape for another season of soccer, prhaps he has a career in the fitness video industry. Below are some fine examples of his work.
If you can't get enough of the training sessions... you can find more by clicking here. It's his own personal YouTube page.

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