Sunday, January 2, 2011

David Hoilett Jr. - Canadian International?

At some point, Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Hoilett Jr. (Known to the world as David and telling Full-Time he prefers Junior) will have to make up his mind on whether he would like to a) play for Canada, b) play for Jamaica or c) play club football only.

Currently, the Rovers' midfielder has declined to give up a decision on his international career. Hoilett’s guarded comment has always been, “focus on getting minutes at Blackburn and as a young player, and focus on playing for my club”. You can decide for yourself what you think when listening to the interview by clicking here. But you get the sense that Junior is interested in playing for Canada. He mentioned that Stephen Hart has been sending him texts and is genuinely interested in his club career. Perhaps that aspect has given Canada the lead in gaining his services. However non-committal Hoilett wants to be, he did chuckle when we told him that we hope to see him in a Canada jersey.

Next week on Full-Time: Vancouver’s Soccer Show, we will chat with the Canadian Men’s National team coach Stephen Hart. Ask Hart if he has had any inkling one way or the other on Hoilett’s potential decision. Also his thoughts as the 2011 National team season kicks into high gear and a look ahead at his potential line-up for the 2011 Gold Cup competition and what he thinks it means to have two Major League Soccer teams in Canada with the third coming in 2012.

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