Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Robbie Savage to Vancouver Whitecaps FC - Part Deux, the plot thickens

A while ago, November 18th, 2010 to be exact, Full-Time host Tyler Green enjoyed this random rumor that we started based on a tweet by Robbie Savage. Turns out, he's at it again. He has tweeted a variety of things today including a conversation between himself and Rio Ferdinand about coming to Vancouver. You can follow his tweets here. He also did an interview with the Mirror in England.

According to the Daily Mirror, Savage has been offered a two-year contract but is torn because of his media commitments. The Derby midfielder and BBC pundit met the club's owners after Monday night's FA Cup defeat at Crawley. Which could mean he met with a current owner in Jeff Mallett, who also is part of the Whitecaps ownership.

By the way. Here's our post from November 18th, 2010.
Because we on Full-Time enjoy random Whitecaps FC rumours, especially those involving the Designated Players... here's another one to add to the list. Current Derby County Midfielder Robbie Savage.

Let's piece it together. Savage is a 36-year old midfielder. He has a style that in 2008, the
Daily Mail labelled him as the dirtiest player in Premier League history, based on numbers of yellow cards received, though he has since been surpassed as the player with the most Premier League yellow cards by Lee Bowyer. Which would certainly excite the hockey fan in this Canadian market.

Savage, as mentioned, currently plays for Derby County. His contract expires at the end of this current season in 2011. Derby County is partially owned (or an investor) by Jeff Mallett. Mallett is also one of the owners of the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The final straw in this tale comes from Robbie Savage himself via the Twitter. Who wrote,
"What's Vancouver like tweeps!!"

There you have it. Robbie Savage, a future Whitecap!!

And what's not to love:


  1. What a shit signing that would be.

  2. Like Kevin Hector before him, Derby County continues to be the feeding club to Whitecaps' success! No we just need Savage to team up with a crazy drunk Scottish international and it will be like the late 1970s all over again!